About The Law Office of Benjamin Behar

The Law Office of Benjamin Behar is an established law office in Orange County with satellite offices from San Diego to San Francisco. We are aware that you have worked hard throughout your lifetime and not only want to protect your assets but to make sure that your family is well protected in what you have earned and your entire estate. Our primary goal is to make sure that you have an estate plan that not only protects your estate but discourages others to file suit against your assets. We make sure to advise you on what your estate plan may be missing so that you and your family is well protected  and we meet your goals for retirement planning.

The Law Office of Benjamin Behar also networks with other counsel on your behalf to make sure you are getting the best legal advice that may be in or outside your initial needs. We strive to provide you with the personal attention you need and are always available to answer your questions. We will provide your estate planning, Trust, probate, real estate and business law needs, with our experienced attorneys that you not only will trust but feel confident of their experience to protect you.


Ben’s experience comes from an estate planning background. It started back in 1984 with Real Estate and Finance. Owning and operating a Century 21 Franchise dealing with Residential & Commercial properties in all aspects from brokering Real Estate to property management to finance of homes and retail commercial projects. Adding Insurance Retirement planning from Annuities to Long Term Care. Ben’s philosophy is that an Attorney advising you on Estate planning should be knowledgeable in Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance-Retirement Plans, Trust and Wills- probate.

Ben is also a certified Captain by the Coast Guard which he is experienced in boating for over 40 years and is his major hobby.

Ben’s mission is to protect you before you face a lawsuit or even to avoid litigation, probate of any kind. Please be advised that if you are facing a lawsuit due to inadequate protection, Trust, Real Estate Contract, ADA lawsuit, Bankruptcy, or in claiming Veteran Disability benefits rest assured that you will be protected under the fullest extent of the law and I will defend you and get you what you deserve.