Wills Attorney

Making a will requires precision and understanding of the law, which is why you need legal advice to get through the paperwork. Wills and trusts provide an amazing gift for your family or loved ones.

At the Law Offices of Benjamin Behar, we provide clients with an advocate to ensure your wishes are fulfilled. We will explain how advance health care directives work and will make sure you are aware of all the necessary will planning strategies.  As you get older, this is important because you may be too injured or sick to talk at some point. 

What is the purpose of having and making a Will?

A Will states what your wishes are when you become deceased. A Will gets probated as if there was no Will, the difference being that the former already has an executor designated by you which the court then has to supervise and approve all that gift. Probate is not private and is very expensive. Our firm does a pour-over Will, which transfers all that you own into the trust and gets distributed by your wishes without any court costs or supervision. A pour over Will transfers property not titled into the trust, this way you will avoid Probate. A proper Trust will protect your assets that will avoid Probate.

We do not offer stand alone Wills because this subjects the heirs to outrageous probate costs that could be simply avoided by doing a Trust with our firm at fraction and very small percentage of what it costs to probate your estate.

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For excellent advice about wills and trusts, it is essential to hire our will attorneys today. Our law firm employs will attorneys who make the process of making a will as smooth as possible. Our wills attorney explain laws like the advance health care directive so that you don’t put your health care in jeopardy. Contact our law offices to speak to a wills attorney today.