Real Estate Mortgage & Foreclosure Attorneys

Are you having trouble obtaining a mortgage? Do you know if the loan you are applying for is a good mortgage for your specific situation? How about if the mortgage you took out was done correctly with full disclosures? Or having trouble getting your lender to modify your loan? Is foreclosure or short-sale the right option for you?

With recent legislation, if you have taken out a loan since Dodd-Frank legislation (after 2010) you are less protected as a consumer than you were before because loan documents have been written to protect the lender not the consumer. We have over 30 years’ experience in the mortgage business so we know what should be done and what to look out for and if you were not dealt with in a legal manner we can correct that for you. If you are taking out a loan for any kind of property, we can look over the papers and advise you on the transaction.

If you are having a problem post-closing with a lender, we can look at your situation and advise you on what your rights are and what steps to take. We can also advise you if a short-sale or foreclosure is in your best interest or how to save yourself from one.

Foreclosure Process & Foreclosure Help

The foreclosure process is when a lender, such as a bank, initiates the actions of home repossession because of a loan default, according to real estate foreclosure laws. A property is vulnerable to repossession if a debtor is unable to satisfy their payment obligations, as well as when they’re late on payments for the loan, and as your foreclosure attorney, we are crucial to making sure that you are knowledgeable about the procedure. You can stop foreclosure, and as your real estate foreclosure attorney we are knowledgeable about how to get it done. We will also able to furnish you with important information on possibilities like cash for keys foreclosure, for example.

Contact Our Real Estate Foreclosure Law Firm

Our foreclosure attorneys will act as advocates for you in dealings with your lender throughout the foreclosure process, and will find a solution based on your financial situation. Contact us for a consultation right away. A real estate foreclosure attorney is essential to your situation and can educate you on things like cash for keys foreclosure. We’ll work to ensure that you don’t lose your home.