Commercial Lease Attorneys

The experienced commercial lease attorneys at the Law offices of Benjamin Behar assist clients in negotiating suitable leases, draft and review of a lease agreement, and provide assistance with respect to commercial lease disputes.  We're skilled in negotiating commercial real estate leases, and can assure your best interests will be secured in accordance with commercial lease laws and you will completely grasp your lease terms. 

We also own and manage Multi-Family/Commercial Retail for over 20 years so we have the experience of dealing with Tenants and developing good commercial leases and property management. We know how to advise you on keeping you out of trouble with any leasing violations and will fight for you if you are facing a lawsuit.

We also handle issues related to landlord-tenant problems, real estate, eviction law, and cases of wrongful eviction. An experienced eviction attorney needs to give their clients good representation and counsel, including informing them about how an illegal eviction is defined. The laws on evictions are very involved, and obtaining excellent advice and support is essential to you and for your case.

American with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Many unscrupulous individuals and even attorneys have taken advantage of a law that helps the disabled to their own advantage.

The Americans with Disabilities Act bans discrimination against people with a disability in connection with employment, public services, transportation, public accommodations, commercial facilities and telecommunications.

As a business/property owner you have to comply with the ADA and make your property/establishment ADA compliant. That means that the business owner must have their establishment capable of having someone with a wheelchair access to the entry, table and bathroom facilities, among other items. As a property owner this means you must have parking spaces and ramps that are handicap accessible with signs, among other items. People have taken advantage of this law by targeting properties that are in existence today and before the law went into effect because they know that the owner may not be in compliance. They bring these frivolous law suits because they want a quick settlement costing the owner five to ten thousand dollars and they hit several owners each month and that is how they make a living at it. We keep a list of these individuals and the law firms that do this. We also can advise you on what steps to take to make sure you do not fall victims of these people.

If you are a business owner who is concerned about ADA compliance, has been accused of violating the ADA or is unsure whether the ADA rules apply to your company, talk with us immediately. 

There are owners who even after advising them of a violation of the ADA, still violate it. We do not take on frivolous lawsuits nor do we gouge a property or business owner.  If an individual with mental or physical impairment that limits life activities is discriminated in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by a property or business owner, we will represent you against these establishments.

Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases

Commercial lease disputes aren’t something people want to deal with. We pay attention to all the legal matters that pertain to leasing, from formulation and preparation of lease terms to drafting and negotiation of leases, so you don’t have to.  We understand the laws and work hard negotiating commercial real estate leases for all types of clients, such as:

  • commercial tenants,
  • small property owners,
  • small business owners,
  • restaurateurs,
  • retailers
  • and landlords


Wrongful eviction is just one of the many issues that we are knowledgeable about. Each topic area, such as illegal eviction, is complicated and requires a strong orientation to detail. We take a broader view of the issues and potential disputes, and know all eviction rights. When this is found, we can help you avoid unlawful eviction and guide the strategic use of process and methods for dispute resolution.

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