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In order to assure a successful / stress-less escrow you need someone with the experience on the type of property  you are purchasing or selling. You need someone in your corner that can resolve the problems that may present themselves and will lookout for you to make sure you are not being taken advantage of. It will be less costly to get proper representation at the beginning of the transaction rather than having to defend a lawsuit. If you have to defend a lawsuit, we will find the applicable defenses that are available to you to mitigate your losses and apply them to your case to limit any further exposure.

Ben Behar has been a Real Estate broker in Florida then California since 1984 and 1990 respectively. Having owned and operated a Century 21 Franchise, he has handled hundreds of transactions involving Residential and Commercial/Industrial and Hotel properties as well as businesses.

If you are buying or selling any type of property or business, you need to get expert advice so you can have a smooth and successful escrow. We help clients having title issues, adding/removing someone on/off title, neighbor/property disputes, and liens. If your situation involves problems during or after escrow closes, we can still help you in finding solutions to resolve your problem and get you what you deserve.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions & Laws

Commercial real estate laws are filled with complexities. Whether in a stage of development or disposition, to foreclosure and finance topics, commercial real estate attorneys understand the laws and know how to help you, including with any commercial real estate litigation. Maybe you require a partnership agreement, or seek a method for leaving a former one, commercial real estate law firms are available to assist you. Commercial real estate transactions are critical to your success, so it’s necessary to enlist help in obtaining your goals.

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Our commercial real estate attorneys possess a diversified understanding of commercial real estate law and the practice therewith, and that includes the carrying out of all commercial real estate transactions. Commercial real estate law firms similar to ours aren’t equaled in giving clients such a thorough understanding of commercial real estate laws. Contact us for a consultation as soon as possible. We are proud of a reputation for the highest legal advocacy, and give our scrutiny to every aspect of your particular transaction or project. We appreciate commercial real estate.