Bankruptcy Foreclosure

Are falling behind on your mortgage payments? Have you been served with a notice of foreclosure? Are your interest rates skyrocketing? Is your loan adjusting soon? You’re not alone. Our foreclosure attorneys will assess your documents, researching your situation to find answers to your specific needs.

Foreclosure Process & Foreclosure Help

The foreclosure process is when a lender, such as a bank, initiates the actions of home repossession because of a loan default, according to real estate foreclosure laws. A property is vulnerable to repossession if a debtor is unable to satisfy their payment obligations, as well as when they’re late on payments for the loan, and as your foreclosure attorney, we are crucial to making sure that you are knowledgeable about the procedure. You can stop foreclosure, and as your real estate foreclosure attorney we are knowledgeable about how to get it done. We will also able to furnish you with important information on possibilities like cash for keys foreclosure, for example.

  • Apply for a court-ordered repayment plan
  • File Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Faciliatate the sale of your home for a fair price
  • Negotiate with your bank to modify your loan
  • Refinance your home at fair market rate
  • Stay in your home without making payments

Congress and state legislatures have passed foreclosure laws to help consumers. However, statistics show that mortgage workouts are not being completed. In addition, many completed workouts are defaulted on shortly after. Our foreclosure attorneys will help you follow the laws properly and prevent you from defaulting on your revised mortgage.

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