Offshore Trust

What is it and is it legal? The easiest answer to this complicated trust is that it is the ultimate asset protection tool when done as a legitimate estate plan prior to any form of litigation. If, at the time the offshore trust is created, the U.S. settlor had no current creditors, and therefore was not transferring assets to the trust to defraud of creditors, the trust usually will not be disturbed and will protect the assets from creditors. The information below is not meant to be a tutorial because of the long and complicated nature but rather an introduction of what an offshore trust can do to your estate plan.

We can provide you with a Trust that is established in a qualifying jurisdiction. Future potential creditors of the settlor may not reach the assets gifted to the trust. Yet the trust permits the trustee to later name the donor/grantor (or his or her spouse) as a discretionary beneficiary should the donor later need or want all or part of the gift reclaimed. These types of trust are done for sizeable estates beyond $5 million and this trust is multipurpose in that it can be used to freeze the value of your estate by shifting the future appreciation of your assets to the trust, thus avoiding being taxed when you die.

If you have gone over your finances and decided that the best move is to establish an offshore trust formation, our attorneys will help you through the process. It is essentially the same process as it is in the United States. However, there may be legal and economic reasons to consider an offshore asset protection trust. Our offshore trust lawyers will go over the law with you and guide you towards making a smart decision with your money. At our law offices, you will find an offshore trust attorney who understands how to protect your legal finances.

Offshore Trust Formation & Asset Protection

Our offshore trust services are essential when researching the best place to invest. Our attorneys will go over the specific legal reasons for setting up an offshore asset protection trust and make sure that there are not any specific details that will hurt you later. In setting up an offshore trust formation with us, we will ensure that you understand the economic laws of other countries and make a smart financial decision with your trust money. Contact our offshore trust attorney to get one-on-one information that will help you make the best decision with your money.

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If you are looking for an excellent offshore trust attorney, contact our law firm today to get the best legal advice. We will help you through the offshore trust formation process and make sure that you are receiving quality legal representation. An offshore asset protection trust is serious, so make sure to employ dedicated and experienced attorneys. Our offshore trust lawyer understands the laws in all countries and will provide sound advocacy for you. Contact our law firm today.