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Doing a Trust is the most important part of your Estate Plan. It is sad to hear about cases where you have a spouse and/or children who have to go through probate because proper planning was not done with a well done Trust. A well done Trust is when it foresees all potential problems and addresses them inside the Trust. It looks at your assets and makes sure that it goes to the heirs you want in case you are incapacitated in all circumstances. It also protects your assets while you are living. Most people that do just a Will think they took care of their estate. Not only is this wrong, but it is very costly because you have to go through probate, and it may be ambiguous to the court as to your wishes plus it does not protect you while you are living. Doing a well done Trust will save your Estate not only money but headaches. Remember that it is less expensive to take steps to avoid litigation than to actually go to court for guardianship / conservatorship, powers of attorney and/or probate.

The Law Offices of Benjamin Behar is here to assist you with all of your trust and estates matters. Our clients include individuals and families of a variety of wealth backgrounds, family businesses, charitable organizations, and financial institutions serving as executors and trustees in the Mission Viejo and surrounding areas.

Hiring a trust and estate law firm is important because it gives you an advocate who understands the law and how it can help you.

Protect your family by protecting your finances. 

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