Asset Protection

California is the most litigious state in America. Because of that, you must do everything possible to protect your assets including 401K's, IRA's, Annuities, life insurance, business investments and your home from lawsuits and predators trying to grab your equity. We have tools which will protect your hard earned assets that will be exempt from creditors, lawsuits, legal judgments and bankruptcy.

Asset protection is also a major reason why most people do Trust and Estate Planning. It is legal if done correctly and in the proper course of Estate Planning. Transferring assets out of your name and onto other vehicles when you are subject to a lawsuit is not legal because it is done in a fraudulent manner.

Asset protection is needed by anyone with Assets. The more Assets you have the more likelihood of you being sued. If you own a car and get into an accident, you need to protect your home and other assets. High Income Earners such as professionals (physicians, dentists, real estate developers, business owners, etc.) are at a high risk of lawsuit and a more specialized asset protection plan than a simple trust is required.

Being unprotected means that you hold property in your name, like sole proprietor, whether its your home, business or bank accounts. Our firm uses many asset protection vehicles which we will discuss with you to see what actually fits your needs and goals.

Asset Protection Strategies & Information

Our asset protection strategies include making sure that you can transfer wealth to the next of kin, distribute wealth throughout the family, and provide friends with a financial benefit. Our asset protection attorneys offer guidance so that you understand the legal protections of the wealth transfer. When you hire our asset protection lawyers, you can feel confident that your money is being protected. If you need someone to provide assistance with asset protection trusts, then our law firm is a great place to start.

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Our asset protection attorneys will defend your finances and ensure your assets are sheltered from legal problems. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys understand how to use asset protection trusts and will make sure your family’s financial future is protected. We have studied and used all types of asset protection strategies and know we can help you make the right decision with your money. Call us to speak to asset protection lawyers you can count on.