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Real estate attorneys advocate for individuals and corporations with real estate matters both residential and commercial, and offer their knowledge with all real estate law questions. Our real estate law firm supports its clients with transactions, the negotiation of terms, the preparation of leases, standing up for clients in court if a dispute should result. 

The background of our firm's founder has been in Real Estate. Whether your situation involves buying and selling of Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Landlord and Tenant Law, Mortgages and Foreclosure, Commercial Leasing-American Disabilities Act (ADA) Issues, rest assured we have the knowledge to help guide you with those legal issues.

Real Estate Law Services

Benjamin Behar is also a Real Estate broker since 1984 and is experienced in all Real Estate matters involving Residential and Commercial properties. The real estate attorneys at the Law Offices of Benjamin Behar are prepared to assist you with any real estate need, including:

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At the Law Offices of Benjamin Behar, we proceed with passion, but also with sensitivity, to steer clear of real estate litigation, and handle everything to the benefit of our clients. This includes addressing all your real estate law questions. If you’ve needed an answer to a question such as what is real estate law, or have been curious about how real estate law firms can assist you, set up an appointment for a consultation. Contact us as soon as possible.