Landlord / Tenant Attorney

The Law Offices of Benjamin Behar has extensive experience in landlord tenant disputes.  We cover matters that might include evictions, litigation, administrative hearings and other issues according to landlord / tenant law. 

If you are a Landlord trying to evict a tenant or remove a tenant under an unlawful detainer action, we are experienced to help you with your situation. We will do all the paperwork and represent you in court with minimal headaches. It is always best not to delay giving notices to a tenant that is in breach of the lease. We will advise you of what you should do and what your rights are.

If you are a tenant and have legal issues with the landlord whether it’s a disturbance of your quiet enjoyment or a breach of making your place of home habitable or business rentable, I can advise you of your rights.

Landlord / Tenant Disputes & Laws

Landlord / tenant disputes often get serious and impact both sides of the matter. Tenant / landlord disputes tend to be about property and contract laws, both state and federal. Attempting to make sense of landlord / tenant law alone can mean being fined if you’re a property owner, and for a tenant often leads to a poor credit record. We give our clients the needed understandings regarding tenant and landlord rights and explain all other matters.

When negotiating matters of this nature, tenant / landlord attorneys are critical to your success.

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